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The Atlantic Monthly | February 2002
The Puzzler
Answers to the January Puzzler

"Book Reviews"

by Emily Cox and Henry Rathvon
The January Puzzler Solution

Across. times + erving; woo + den; pins (hidden); ironweed (anag.); senti + mental (set in anag.); tr(al)ee; s(a + gam)ore; arrest (hidden); capo (anag.); real(is)m; greece (homophone); anat(o)my (Amy Tan anag.); eating (anag.); gershwin (anag.); cloth + o; yaks (double def.); sans + k + r + it; pe + as Down. alas (first letters); mephisto (anag.); p + rowling; as + he; s + entries; stra(teg)y (get rev.); stag (rev.); art + em + i + s; i(mage) + r (game anag.); crime + an; racier (anag.); a + version; k + now; win + ters (rest anag.);tar + a (rev.); t + end; stor(mil)y; ga(li + L)ee (Agee anag.)

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The Atlantic Monthly; February 2002; The Puzzler Solution; Volume 289, No. 2; 105.