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The Atlantic Monthly | February 2002
The Puzzler
Common Bond

by Emily Cox and Henry Rathvon
The February Puzzler

This puzzle consists of two independent puzzles having very little in common. Each set of clues leads to a different set of grid entries; since the two sets must share the grid, solvers are advised to leave room in each square for two letters. Only a few squares contain the same letter for both puzzles; those letters should be entered one per square. When all answers have been entered in the grid, the solitary letters will be seen to form the common bond that holds everything together. One answer is an abbreviation, and nine others are capitalized.

The instructions above are for this month's puzzle only. See a complete introduction to clue-solving.

See the solution to last month's Puzzler.

Across A

1. Male individual given name by uncle in Shakespearean clan (8)

6. Classic love story about differences, initially (5)

9. Going far down river in Scotland, west of pass (4)

10. Clink glasses at opening Internet enterprise (4)

11. Smart, returning green, lousy eggs? (5)

12. Married in place with charm (5)

16. Sensitivity shifted to the listener (4)

17. Lake that's nothing beyond ordinary (4)

18. Cried out for drink (5)

19. Decline some poetry, accepting first of songs for shows (8)

Down A

1. Ways toward California town (7)

2. Spread cheer with hug (4)

3. Is upset with ends (4)

4. Woody, in a way, is reading novel (7)

5. Supported by part of group only (4)

7. Performs a pre-flight routine, maintaining five mechanisms (7)

8. Gale is swirling around restricted Mediterranean seaport (7)

13. Greek character and I circling one island (4)

14. Turned green, giving guy's name (4)

15. Victim's appeal heard (4)

Across B

1. Female (i.e., girl) wrecked excellent, delicate work (8)

6. Amount of exotic hormone in Olympian's blood (5)

9. Something screwy about one dark time in Europe (4)

10. French town with English imprisoned? (4)

11. Bewildered chief of staff interrupting a meal (2,3)

12. Husband getting into jazz musician's raps (5)

16. Knock out Chinese politician in New York (4)

17. Single, you draw together in audience (4)

18. Hot, being in German state (5)

19. Gently fell down, upset about pair of final letters (8)

Down B

1. Particular conclusion: gross (7)

2. Copper going in is where some patients stay, briefly (4)

3. Idiot always has suggestion (4)

4. Thinks about riding, carried by equine (7)

5. Weapon's simple structure initially ignored (4)

7. Grill football player endlessly absorbed by yo-yo? (7)

8. Portrayed a decent punk (7)

13. Halt Sumerian city in time (4)

14. Canal zone getting behind petition (4)

15. Struggle, grabbing head of serpentine squeezer (4)

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