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The Atlantic Monthly | December 2001
The Puzzler

by Emily Cox and Henry Rathvon
The December Puzzler

Ten entries in this puzzle (all of them horizontal) contain various "presents," symbolized by gift boxes in the grid. Clues for these ten entries are given in random order; by identifying the "present" in each of their answers, solvers may locate their places in the grid. The Acrosses and the Downs are clued normally. Six clue answers, three of them among the Presents, are capitalized.

The instructions above are for this month's puzzle only. See a complete introduction to clue-solving.

See the solution to last month's Puzzler.


1. Survivor taking end of ribbon and opening (6)
5. Conceit in movie Go is metaphorical (6)
10. Dam breached by eleven high points (6)
13. Cat returned in the morning, optimistic (4)
15. New opera about one Midwestern town (6)
18. Note time past, disclosed again (6)
23. Down some brew in valley (4)
26. Fork in wide side street (6)
27. Playing duet, I'm boring character (6)
28. Audited those who plant trees (6)

1. Finish raw novel by youngster (4,2)
2. Poem is rudely thrust upon others (6)
3. Flower occupies a place in light (5)
4. Love Kiss album containing "Island Primrose" (5)
6. Duds crow brought back (4)
7. Italian article, courageous one about American dream (8)
8. Criticize card player's feat (4)
9. Wetland plant absorbing radium in bog (6)
11. Brief but flashy error in turning to crime (8)
12. Born lazy, ruined brilliant display (8)
13. British prime minister with cavity on top of tooth (4)
14. Worker devouring two thirds of omelet in nostalgic place (8)
16. Attended orthodox service (4)
17. Charge Bengali for one piece of toast (6)
19. Idle bottle of a certain size filled with oxygen (6)
20. Places to eat bananas in Reds (6)
21. Voiced shy pang (5)
22. Equally unhappy Syrian leader (5)
24. Something soothing in solo with no name (4)
25. Bovine involved in prize bullfight (4)

a. Evita regrets nuts in waffle (12)
b. Mystery writer's enclosing buck for shipping charges (8)
c. Guy referring to jerks and nonconformists (8)
d. Guys and Dolls character pitching a no-hitter, and that's final (6,7)
e. Put on a report connected with old Renaissance sculptor (9)
f. Newcomer and I speak heatedly about debut of modern fighter jet (9)
g. I bet splices changed certain votes (11)
h. Running in Connecticut, finisher is top competitor (9)
i. Cast worships real flower deliverers? (5,7)
j. Leave stranded, in a way, single and without hope of success (4,2)

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The Atlantic Monthly; December 2001; The Puzzler; Volume 288, No. 5; 151.