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The Atlantic Monthly | November 2001
The Puzzler
Answers to the October Puzzler

"Rock Climbing"

by Emily Cox and Henry Rathvon
The October Puzzler Solution

Trail. a. a(butte)d b. fa(stba)ll (bats anag.) c. tr(y) + action d. imp(rope + r)ly e. tamer + lane f. staired (homophone) g. c + has + m h. lavender (anag.) i. marciano (anag.) j. trap + door (rev.) k. calipe(r)s (place is anag.) l. t(ria + land)error (air rev.) m. at + tics n. l + o + omed (dome anag) o. carg + o (crag anag.) p. h + egira (gear I anag.) q. drag + on r. me + langes (angles anag.) s. t(y)po (top anag.) Guides. t. min(arete)d u. g(rasp)able v. c(ramp)on w. st(all)one x. topsider (anag.) y. silly (pun) Routes. A. bolder (homophone); rom(a)no (moron anag.) B. tr + avail; scam + p C. for + mica; (s)cares D. t(in)horn; toil + e E. (s)late; torah (first letters); g + ag

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