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The Atlantic Monthly | November 2001
The Puzzler
Full Course

by Emily Cox and Henry Rathvon
The November Puzzler

When all clue answers have been placed in the grid, this puzzle will still not be finished. Solvers will need to fill in the letters missing from the shaded circuit so as to form a set of overlapping items, such as FULL-HOUSE-WORK-HORSE-RACE-COURSE. The sequence reads clockwise without regard to heavy bars, starting in the upper left corner of the circuit and ending in the same square. The unclued entry at 18 Across might be used to describe the course. Seven clue answers are capitalized.

The instructions above are for this month's puzzle only. See a complete introduction to clue-solving.

See the solution to last month's Puzzler.


1. Prevent fight in Alaskan town (6)
5. Support second-rate competition (5)
9. At hearing, regrets trick (4)
10. Riot equipment tags are changed (4,3)
11. Hunt around shopping area for conversation (5,4)
13. Woman in front of a baseball venue (4)
15. President, swallowing booze, toasted? (6)
17. A gale disturbed aquatic life (5)
20. Link neon cross with my group (5)
22. Set shot catching back of rim (6)
29. Hindu majority holding assembly (4)
30. South American capital surrounded by green growth and insects (9)
31. Muse's ill repute after error (7)
32. Left single? (4)
33. Design set of stairs for the audience (5)
34. Followed appeal, in conclusion (6)

1. Metal underwear chafes, ultimately (5)
2. Maker of gold figure with a magic hammer (6)
3. Collect around mile chart again (5)
4. Spring sound (4)
5. Explorer stole about a pound (6)
6. Once more, a win (5)
7. Shakespearean brute is average boxer and outlaw (7)
8. Gravelly ridge reeks badly (5)
12. Middle Eastern leader is so mournful (5)
14. Opposite tree, dropping the second penny (5)
16. Little flier covering university's opening (5)
18. Charge oaf for test (4,3)
19. Greeting songbird, start playing a tune (3,2)
21. Old note found in certain seam (6)
23. Vile creatures, excluding the primary eastern weasel (6)
24. Frost's verses (5)
25. True, a messy place is appealing (5)
26. Solid plastic heroes (5)
27. Disconcerted, auditor's done in stages (5)
28. Tube of pepper put in dessert (4)

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