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The Atlantic Monthly | September 2001
The Puzzler
Half and Half

by Emily Cox and Henry Rathvon
The September Puzzler

Ten of this puzzle's clues will be found to give only partial cryptic instructions along with normal definitions. In each case half of the answer is cryptically indicated in the clue and half is to be entered in the grid. Numbers in parentheses after these clues indicate the lengths of grid entries only. Successful solvers may be rewarded with 19 Across. Nine answers are capitalized.

The instructions above are for this month's puzzle only. See a complete introduction to clue-solving.

See the solution to last month's Puzzler.


1. Cryptic cross is cut (7)
7. Come again with small secret (4)
10. Territory's capital project primarily past (4)
11. For the most part, stumble through minor details (6)
12. Fast vehicle with black scarf tied on the front (3,4)
13. Granular snow right in fictional land (5)
14. Reviewed, e.g., auto failure (6)
15. Part of a passage is penned by alien poet (7)
22. Homer gains victory at little cost (7)
24. Take $100 by error in breaking pact (6)
27. Heart broken at first by a cheer (5)
28. Timeless ties help ancient city (7)
29. Betrayed Mafia boss after fortune turned (4,2)
30. Noble cut short ahead of time (4)
31. Entertains heartless celebrities (4)
32. Pointer Sisters' initial South American show biz name (7)

1. Second-long resolution (5)
2. Spin back to fabled place (7)
3. "Big Five" cup presented without introductions for uncle (1,4,2)
4. Steps outside hospital area free of germs (7)
5. Dull orange heating unit with selenium (6)
6. Four turns in decorative trimmings (4)
7. Opening greeting in our direction? (6)
8. Prison rat (4)
9. Wear nothing in asylum (4,2)
16. Sticker covering popular small-time gambler (7)
17. Picaresque hero's outrageous gas bill (3,4)
18. Playing bores, go nuts (7)
19. Poverty resulting from poor soil (6)
20. Crooks keeping large mongrels (6)
21. That is to say, southern Louisiana hunting dog (6)
23. Build a barricade around a Northwestern town (5)
25. Train with group of swimmers between terminals (4)
26. Dismiss band on the rebound (4)

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