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The Atlantic Monthly | June 2001
The Puzzler
Answers to the May Puzzler


by Emily Cox and Henry Rathvon
The June Puzzler

Frame. a. W + RIGHT b. RUM + ORS c. NURSING (anag.) d. WAC(K)O e. RU(M)BLES f. NARWAL (anag.) g. ON (CU)E h. NAOM + I (rev.) i. INCUS (hidden) j. A + T ISSUE k. WEBSTER (anag.) l. AL(LEG)E Fill. a. PE(T)ALS b. DENIER (double def.) c. ME + ET + S d. AL (CAP)P e. BRIE + R f. L + AIC (CIA rev.) g. S(WIND)LED h. (h)OTTER i. DIOPTRI + C (tripod I anag.) j. L(O + ST) IT k. PEST + O l. NOIR (anag.) m. DE(U + C)ED n. TIT + LE o. PI(G'S)TIES p. LEA + D-IN q. EERIE (even letters) r. T(R)IES s. PER + T t. (t)OILERS u. AS + I + AN (NA rev.) v. OR + A + T(O)RIO w. ULSTER (anag.) x. (s)CREW(s)

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