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The Atlantic Monthly | April 2001
The Puzzler
Answers to the March Puzzler

"March Theme"

by Emily Cox and Henry Rathvon
The March Puzzler

Clues. A. POR(TEN)T; HE'LL; F(O)UR; B + ON + GO; HUM + OR; P(I)AN + O; FLEET (double def.); FOR + T(h)E; NO(I)SE B. G(E)NOME; LEECH (hidden); HEM + P; PEN + A + LI(Z)E; CU(PCA)KE (cap anag.); IDIOT BOXES (anag.); A + P + ACE C. FAT + AL; CHARM (anag.); EUROPE (hidden); SO + ON; AN(GR)Y; CHI(R)P D. SA(LO)NS; S(H + O)OS; NOAH (homophone of know a); A(B + B + O)T; BA(I)TS; F(EMU)R; D + INNER; FE(R)N; POL(ice c)AR E. DO(MINI)C; CLIP (double def.); CORN (double def.); REGUL + ATE (Luger rev.); B(O + LET)US; DOUGH (homophone); G + ROPE; JO(U + L)E

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