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The Atlantic Monthly | February 2001
The Puzzler
Sweet Sixteen

by Emily Cox and Henry Rathvon
The February Puzzler

Numbered Across rows and Down columns each contain two words, clued in order. In each of the sixteen 3 x 3 sections of the grid a five-letter word can be arranged from the four unchecked letters (those directly above, below, and to the sides of a central square) plus a letter in the center. Clues for these "Sweet Sixteen" words are given in random order. The sixteen central-square letters, when read from left to right and top to bottom, tell what the diagram represents. Answers include five proper nouns.

The instructions above are for this month's puzzle only. See a complete introduction to clue-solving.

See the solution to last month's Puzzler.


1. Urge for a bit of caramel with nuts (7)
Something staked on high percentage (5)

9. Quite within legalities, getting guillotined? (7)
Jazz combo member has restricted the horns (5)

10. "Back bites," in English (4)
Ornaments adjusted in mechanical methods (8)

11. Conservative's extremely careful about a bird (9)
Incomplete box spring (3)

12. Someone chanting for popular skin refresher (7)
Wavy line on a metal fabric (5)

13. Order a red light (5)
The old man has an expert cure for everything (7)

14. Trouble with a tap dancer's first run (4)
Norm & Otis playing checkers (8)

15. Heard big stick bug (5)
Some abused a test for drugs (7)

1. Cold comfort in stop (5)
Baddie breaking spy group's bugs (7)

2. Initially split up in a street (2,5)
Maybe I care what a girl might be called (5)

3. Crow relative trails flock of geese (5)
Green mat for each drink (4,3)

4. Material only shot before noon (5)
My people answer about petty officer's arms (7)

5. Pronounced appearance in men (4)
Standard puncture, in a manner of speaking (8)

6. Crude handle belonging to you (6)
I see about Rod Christie (6)

7. Best-ordered exam of a school group? (7)
Author and saint penning bunk? (5)

8. Steamy noise occurs in high school (4)
Container within containers for hemp products (8)

Sweet Sixteen
A. Peg's swallowing red gum and orange

B. Note held by Sting in "King of Thebes"

C. Tank's top, in rough wear and tear

D. Resting place for fish

E. Am I in Tex's convertible?

F. Weight of root announced

G. Face right, when in spring

H. Cuts in a forest around new pines

I. Large island next to a Mediterranean land

J. Heard low avian call

K. Censure catcher with mask

L. Old, according to American works of art

M. Neighbor carries wheel around

N. Weirdly, Elvis never died

O. Period in gym on Thursday

P. Sweets may dry when hollowed out

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