September 2000 | Volume 286 No. 3

The Heavenly Jukebox

Recent coverage of the spread of "contraband" music on the Internet has missed some basic points. Chief among them: the fight against Internet piracy is being led by a peculiar and grasping business -- the recording industry -- that should not be allowed to set the rules.

by Charles C. Mann

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The Telling of the Tale
(This article is not available online.)

"People are hungering and thirsting for epic." In a hitherto unpublished lecture the great poet and essayist celebrates the human yearning for stories.

by Jorge Luis Borges

The Lawless Frontier

"Pakistan" is crumbling fast. The country is a Yugoslavia in the making, but with nuclear weapons.

by Robert D. Kaplan

seahorse picture Web only: Inside the Jihad
An Atlantic Unbound interview with the Pakistani journalist Ahmed Rashid, the author of Taliban.


"No one of us as an individual could ever attract our parents' attention. There were just too many of us for that." Remembering a childhood with thirteen siblings.

by Stephen Zanichkowsky

Notes & Comment:
It's a Jumble Out There

From food to language to demographics, the coherence of categories has become something of a joke.
by Cullen Murphy

Green Surprise?

Al Gore is seen as a fanatical tree-hugger, zealous for regulation. George W. Bush is seen as a pro-oil businessman, heedless of pollution. The environmental records of these men support neither view.
by Gregg Easterbrook

The Return of the Grizzly

Grizzly bears may soon be reintroduced to parts of the northern Rockies. The neighbors won't be friendly.
by David Whitman

Humor, Fiction, & Poetry

He Asks Her to Pin Her Panties to the Line
A poem
by Lynne McMahon

seahorse picture Fix
A poem
by Alice Fulton

A short story
by Liza Ward

seahorse picture Fossils
A poem
by J. T. Barbarese

A drawing
by Guy Billout

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Arts & Leisure

Pacific Time

Our correspondent, in Santa Cruz, reflects on "the joys of vacationing in the same place year after year."
by Francis Davis

Mischke's Moment

Unless you're from Minnesota, you've probably never heard one of the most original comic voices in radio.
by James Fallows

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Tallyho and Tribulation

In fox hunting the only thing more elusive than the fox is a day when everything goes right.
by Stephen Budiansky


What Kingsley Can Teach Martin
The Letters of Kingsley Amis, edited by Zachary Leader
Experience, by Martin Amis
by Geoffrey Wheatcroft

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The Puzzler
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