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Solution to "Cryptic Tennis,"
the June, 2000, Puzzler

The June Puzzler solution

Across. ak. C(ONCE + R)T + O as. LAC(ROSS)E bo. MOO + D bw. B(A)UM ck. M + A + NI + A (rev.) cs. ME + RCY (cry anag.) dk. BRAND + E + IS ds. BAS(TILLE)E en. SHAGS (double def.) ev. POS(I)T fk. THE + FT fs. R + USES gk. M(EAT + HE)AD gs. GR + APPLES hn. MAINE (homophone) hv. APTLY (anag. - a) ik. TOUT (double def.) is. (t)RUTH jk. ENTREPOT (anag.) js. SPIT(FIRE)E Down. ak. COM(MBATAN)T (Batman anag.) am. TEN + ACE an. CO(I)NS ap. ROME (homophone) aq. TO + BOG + GA(N)S as. LIMB + URGER au. HORSES (hidden) av. RECAP (rev.) ax. S + AIL ay. SUBLIMELY (anag.) bl. PART + HEN + ON br. DISSI(D)ENT (insisted anag.) bt. M(E + A + SURE)UP (ump anag.) bz. MNEMOSYNE (anag.) ep. AWEIGH (homophone) ex. S(U + L)TAN fo. C(H)AFE fw. SP + O + OF gm. ABUT (rev.) gu. ANTI (hidden)
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The Atlantic Monthly; July 2000; The Puzzler Solution - 00.07; Volume 286, No. 1; page 94.