June 2000 | Volume 285 No. 6

Harvard and the Making of the Unabomber

The year is 1958. A sixteen-year-old boy arrives at Harvard College. He absorbs an intellectual ethos that emphasizes the dangers of science and the evils of modern society. Meanwhile, he is subjected to a brutal and abusive psychological experiment that today would never be allowed. Meet the young Ted Kaczynski, future serial murderer and anti-technology zealot.

by Alston Chase

America's Forgotten Majority

White working-class voters make up about 55 percent of the electorate, and they're up for grabs.

by Joel Rogers and Ruy Teixeira

The Prophet Faulkner
(This article is no longer available online.)
William Faulkner imagined a world that would become too familiar, where everyone is hostage to someone or something, and everyone is on the verge of violence.

by Larry Levinger

Notes & Comment:
The Return of Ancient Times

Human progress has often been made in the space between idealism and savagery.
by Robert D. Kaplan

Money Game

"No kill, no pay" is the promise at the Big Velvet elk farm, where rich men pot captive beasts for their trophy walls.
by Hal Herring

Brief Lives:
On the Air

Ray Erlenborn was one of the great sound-effects men in the great days of radio. Those days are gone, but the master still practices his craft.
by Adam Goodheart

Fiction & Poetry

seahorse picture The Tree
A poem
by Sophie Cabot Black

seahorse picture Passage
A poem
by Erica Funkhouser

I Am the Grass
A short story
by Daly Walker

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Arts & Leisure

Wordsworth Slept Here

Many people visit England's Lake District for its literary associations. But the first tourists came for the hiking.
by Jamie James

Threepenny Composer

Critics have long divided Kurt Weill's work in two -- the early classical compositions and the later Broadway shows. It's time to see Weill whole again.
by David Schiff

Ice Cream for Beginners

A make-your-own flavor that's powerful, sophisticated, and easy.
by Corby Kummer

Urban Planning:
Secret Gardens

The little spaces hidden in the hollow cores of Manhattan blocks suggest an overlooked source of parkland.
by William Drayton


A New Social Type Is Born
Bobos in Paradise: The New Upper Class and How They Got There, by David Brooks
by Thomas Mallon

Brief Reviews
by Phoebe-Lou Adams

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The June Almanac

The Puzzler
by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon

Word Improvisation
by J. E. Lighter

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