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Puzzler Solution to "Message in a Bottle,"
the April, 2000, Puzzler

April Puzzler solution

The message in the bottle reads: go with the flow.

Clues. 1. g + lobe-t(r + O)t (bottle anag.) 2. terra(p)ins 3. hor(o + log)es (shore anag.) Across. a. b(r)eaker b. reap (hidden) c. p(r)awn d. lentil (anag.) e. to(ss)es f. glue (anag.) g. s + ledges h. mistr(i)al i. overleap (anag.) j. s + ketch k. ho(osego)w (goose anag.) l. g + rom + met m. ordain (anag.) n. l(eg)ion o. t + w(h)eeze p. sous-chef (anag.) q. pin(a + for)e r. car(a)p + ace s. rock (anag.) Down. a. terns (homophone) b. hassle (anag.) c. red + raw d. (s)mocks e. mes(a)s f. (S)pence(r) g.tac + king (cat rev.) h. wee + d i. mica (hidden) j. val(v)e k. spars(e) l. enac + t(rev.) m. nereids (anag.) n. e + as + e + sup

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The Atlantic Monthly; May 2000; Answers to the April Puzzler - 00.05; Volume 285, No. 5; page 130.