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Puzzler Solution to "Your Turn,"
the February, 2000, Puzzler

February Puzzler Solution

Clues. 1.a. GO + SPEL(l) b. ELBERT (rev.) c. BE(FE)LL d. R(A + C)ING 2.a. AZ + (A)LEA b. I + C(E)AGE c. RAFTER (double def.) d. CIRC(L)E 3.a. PAL(A + V)E RED b. PRAGMATIC (anag.) c. D(I + URN)ALLY d. CONN(IV)ERY 4.a. G(OR)P b. VI(C)E c. L(A)ID d. GAG + A 5.a. FLA(N)NEL (fallen anag.) b. N + E(G)LECT c. OCEANIC (anag.) d. A + BIG + AIL 6.a. RAGGED (double def.) b. LEA(DO)N c. APPLE + T d. R(EVER)B 7.a. DOL(C)E b. PAEAN (anag.) c. SC + OF + F d. C + ARGO 8.a. NEON (hidden) b. BIN + D c. PAWN (double def.) d. THIN(g) 9.a. RAIN (homophone) b. N + OVA c. D(A)UB d. TERN (homophone)
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The Atlantic Monthly; March 2000; Puzzler Solution - 00.03; Volume 285, No. 3; page 118.