Atlantic Unbound | April 16, 2003
Articles on Michael Kelly


Michael Kelly
by William Langewiesche, Christopher Hitchens, Margaret Talbot, Michael Crowley, and Tish Durkin
The New York Observer

The Subversions of Mr. Kelly
by William Powers
National Journal

Farewell to a Great Newspaperman
by David Brooks
The Weekly Standard

Michael Kelly (1957-2003)
by the Editors
The New Yorker

Michael Kelly, Editor and Columnist, Dies in Iraq
by David Carr
The New York Times

American Journalist Michael Kelly Killed in Iraq
by Liza Porteus
Fox News

Michael Kelly, RIP
by Peggy Noonan
The Wall Street Journal

Journalist Gave Voice, And His Life, To the Wars Of Iraq
by Ken Ringle
Washington Post

Remembering Michael Kelly
by Jonathan Cohn, Jonathan Chait, John B. Judis, and Gregg Easterbrook
The New Republic Online

Media Log: The Death of Michael Kelly
by Dan Kennedy
The Boston Phoenix

Michael Kelly (1957-2003): Husband. Father. Journalist.
by Jack Shafer

A Courageous Man: Michael Kelly, R.I.P.
by Byron York
National Review

'The Best Possible Life'
by Maureen Dowd
The New York Times

Mike Kelly: A Remembrance
by Andrew Sullivan

Michael Kelly: Former editor of Atlantic Monthly, he was a scourge of American liberalism
By Geoffrey Wheatcroft
Guardian UK

Worshipping Mike
By Hanna Rosin
The Washington Post

Talking Points Memo
By Joshua Micah Marshall

A Tough, Irreverent Journalist
By George Will
ABC News

First U.S. Journalist Killed in Iraq War
By Peter Johnson
USA Today

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