A Note From the Editors | March 1, 1997
About Atlantic Unbound

reetings from Boston, and welcome to Atlantic Unbound.

Atlantic Unbound is at once The Atlantic Monthly's home on the Web and an evolving online publication. Just as important, it is also the home of a growing online community engaged in continual conversation and debate in our reader forum, Post & Riposte. The editors, designers, and producers of Atlantic Unbound work in the same offices (in Boston's North End) as do the editors, designers, and producers of The Atlantic Monthly—in fact, several Atlantic Unbound editors and contributors also edit and write for The Atlantic. Yet Atlantic Unbound is not The Atlantic Monthly. It is an offspring of the magazine, an experimental—but far from tentative—venture into a new medium. Our goal is to make Atlantic Unbound a vibrant and enthusiastically interactive accompaniment to the magazine.

This venture began in November of 1993, when The Atlantic appeared on America Online as one of the first magazines to publish a digital, interactive edition. In November of 1995 we launched this Web site, and Atlantic Unbound was born. Since then we've departed from AOL in order to pour all of our energy and resources into developing something unique on the Web—a thriving online community engaged in dialogue with a magazine that has been a fixture of the American cultural landscape for more than 140 years.

We invite you not only to explore what we're creating here but to become participants in our project.


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