Meet The Atlantic Daily’s Team

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Rosa Inocencio Smith, Lead Writer

I collect the top stories of the day in the “What We’re Following” module and curate the most fascinating long reads and thought-provoking comments in “Evening Read” and “Reader Response.” I help to edit additional modules, keep an eye on reader engagement, and bring the newsletter from production all the way to pressing “send.”
Favorite verb: Ever since an especially memorable high-school history class, I’ve been looking for excuses to use the verb defenestrate.

Emily Jan, Snapshot

Each day, I select the most striking photography, video and art from our stories for the “Snapshot” module.
When I’m not working on the Daily: I edit photos and commission photography for our site, and run our Instagram page.
Favorite verb: I love the feeling of a good idea starting to percolate.

Isabel Fattal, Education Spotlight

Every Monday, I round up the latest news and most interesting facts related to school and learning for the “What Do You Know?” module.
When I’m not working on the Daily: I work as the editorial fellow for the Education channel.
Favorite verb: Ruminate

Steven Johnson, Business Spotlight

I write roundups on business and the economy each Tuesday for the Daily’s “What Do You Know?” module.
When I’m not working on the Daily: As an editorial fellow for the Business channel, I copyedit stories, scour for artwork and errant facts, and keep an eye out for interesting ideas in the business world.
Favorite verb: Slip. Or shimmy? The short i has a good lilt with a hissy s.

Rachel Gutman, Sci/Tech/Health Spotlight

I liven up your Wednesday with triple-section news and facts on animals, space, tech culture, health care, toasters, and more for the “What Do You Know?” module.
When I’m not working on the Daily: As an editorial fellow for the Science, Health, and Technology channels, I copyedit the articles you see in those sections, find images, write headlines, and help manage pitches.
Favorite verb: Flounder

Annabelle Timsit, Global Spotlight

Every Thursday, I tell readers about what's happening in the world and curate the most interesting global stories for the “What Do You Know?” module.
When I’m not working on the Daily: As an editorial fellow for the Global section, I write a weekly roundup to bring a broad range of world affairs articles to our readers’ attention, and manage our section’s book reviews and social media accounts.
Favorite verb: I’m a big fan of the verb sashay—because why just go somewhere when you could sashay there?

Tori Latham, Culture Spotlight

Every Friday, I collect the most recent news and fun facts pertaining to arts and entertainment for the “What Do You Know?” module.
When I’m not working on the Daily: As an editorial fellow for the Culture channel, I enjoy an overwhelming amount of movies, TV shows, and books.
Favorite verb: The verb ponder rolls off the tongue quite nicely.

Annika Neklason, Archive Spotlight

I share snippets from The Atlantic’s archives three times a week: Each Monday and Wednesday, I mark the anniversary of a historical event with a “Look Back” at a relevant article from our past, and each Friday I write about a previously published “Poem of the Week.”
When I’m not working on the Daily: I help bring the best pieces from The Atlantic’s nearly 160-year history into its present-day projects and online presence as an assistant editor on the audience team.
Favorite verb: I’ve always been fond of eschew; there’s something both so dismissive and so genteel about it—the way it sounds, the way it looks, the way it shapes your mouth when you say it. Eschew.

Gracie McKenzie, Urban Developments

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I write up three thought-provoking articles from CityLab, a site from The Atlantic focused on the future of cities.
When I’m not working on the Daily: I share stories and (sometimes) make jokes on CityLab’s social accounts. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn to see!
Favorite verb (at least, this week): Ruminate

Abdallah Fayyad, Time of Your Life

With the help of our Life Timeline, I round up interesting moments in history to help readers celebrate birthdays for the “Time of Your Life” module.
When I’m not working on the Daily: I’m an editorial fellow helping to coordinate special projects.
Favorite verb: Lately, I’ve been partial to the verb vote.

Jordan Bissell, This Week

Every Friday, I look through everything we’ve published over the past week and highlight an important story from each section for The Atlantic’s weekly newsletter. (Subscribe here!)
When I’m not working on the Weekly: I am an editorial fellow on the Social Media/Homepage team, managing everything “above the fold” on the homepage, working on the social media accounts, and pitching to syndication partners.
Favorite verb: The verb rejoice is my favorite because joy makes life lovely.