Pastors Are People Too

The TAD group of long-time Atlantic readers started a really interesting discussion this week that centers on the question, “What is the most common and/or annoying misconception about your vocation?” The most up-voted entry came from a clergywoman:

Oh, boy. It’s a long list.

People assume that clergy want to discuss religion all the time. Not remotely true. I’ve had hairdressers start in with, “What do you think is the most pressing problem in the church today?” I’m thinking, “Dude, really? You don’t have to do this. Just let me read my magazine in peace.”

People also think they have to watch every word they say around you. (I realize English teachers sometimes get this as well, but for a different reason.) Or, as a friend of ours put it when hubs and I were going to be dinner guests along with another couple, “I told that couple that you’re a minister, but you’re nice.” Gee, thanks.

The one that I find the most troubling is that some people act as though my prayers “count” more or do more than those of others. That is absolutely not a part of my theology. I do not have a red phone nor a direct line. And God doesn’t like me better than you.