Track of the Day: ‘To Build a Home’ by The Cinematic Orchestra

From a reader in Laurel, Maryland (a town I coincidentally called home for four years during my childhood):

A home is a place where most people long to be. A home does not have to be a certain place; home is what you make it. I grew up in the same house for over 20 years. I loved the idea of always having a place to go back to. Then one day I left—some big event had changed that place for me. Then I wanted to go make my own home. I still have yet to feel so connected to another place.

I love the warmth and love that you can feel in a home. The memories that tatter the walls. I feel that the song “To Build a Home” truly captures the emptiness of an old home that is no longer yours. It seems a part of you has been left in that place. Hopefully the person or things that later inhabit it appreciate the little things you once noticed and held dear.

This song is not one that is entirely depressive, because at the end it lifts you up—as if to say, “There is always hope for the future; there will be brighter days.” One day it will all end, but we will have made our home somewhere—or even just it someone’s heart.

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