Quoted: The Complexities Edition

Ali Hashisho / Reuters

“You can spot a secretary of state dressed like a pirate, or a titan of industry done up like a zombie,” John T. Miller, a former fundraiser for Princeton University, on reunions at the school.

“They have not mated yet as far as we can tell, but there has been interest. There has been flirting,” Angus Davison, a biologist, on arranging a date between a rare pair of snails.

“I’m planning to write myself about how angry I am. … It’s going to arrive at my house the day before midterms, just in case future me has decided to stop doing anything,” Katie Caulfield, a Democratic voter in New Jersey, on preparing for midterm elections in 2018.

“If one of us from HR goes out to visit … the instantaneous response is, ‘Oh my god, what are you doing here? Who’s in trouble?’ Why do people think that? We’re here to say hi. We’re here to have fun. We’re here to buy lunch,” Jeni Strand, a human resources executive in North Dakota.

“Regardless of who folks voted for, the election has not been a positive and uplifting experience,” Jeanice Kerr Swift, a school superintendent in Michigan.

“The complexities that make loving each other so rewarding are the same thing that makes it so damn hard,” Ron, an Atlantic reader, on moving forward after the election. More from Ron and other readers struggling to find that common ground here.