What We're Following This Evening

Brazil’s political drama: Impeachment proceedings again President Dilma Rousseff are back on. The speaker of the Congress’s lower house said yesterday he would try to stop the process, but then reversed his own decision today. The upper house votes on the proceedings tomorrow, and the odds are against Rousseff. Here’s the backstory on why lawmakers want her out.

U.S. primary season: Our politics team is liveblogging the action in the Republican primary in Nebraska and primaries in both parties in West Virginia tonight. Hillary Clinton defeated Barack Obama in West Virginia eight years ago, but this time Bernie Sanders is expected to win.

Elsewhere in the universe: NASA has announced the discovery of 1,284 new exoplanets, doubling the number known to humans. The findings come from the Kepler spacecraft, which has gotten really good at spotting new worlds. Wired explains:

Kepler’s research team found these exoplanets with new statistical methods that allow them automatically validate whether a distant star’s flicker is from a planet passing between it and the orbital telescope’s lens, or some anomaly.

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