What We're Following This Evening

The bombing of Aleppo: A United Nations official said the Syrian government’s shelling operations against the city over the last two weeks is among “the worst” of the country’s five-year-long civil war. Earlier today, the U.S. and Russia, which are supporting opposite sides in the conflict, agreed to a temporary cease-fire in the city.

The state of the GOP: It has been a big day for the Republican presidential race. John Kasich dropped out, leaving Donald Trump as the presumptive nominee. Nora wrote about waiting for the Kasich presser that never happened this morning; Molly rang the death knell for the GOP; and Yoni and David Frum, with Daniel over on the video team, examined what’s inside “Trump Sauce.”

The feds vs. North Carolina: The Department of Justice said in a letter to Governor Pat McCrory that the state’s controversial law on bathrooms, which requires transgender individuals to use the room that corresponds with their gender at birth, is “facially discriminatory” and violates parts of the Civil Rights Act. David has the story here.

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