Orbital View: An Eye-Popping Work

This is one surprisingly symmetrical shot:

I immediately see Pop Art, and it almost looks like someone zoomed in too close on a work by Roy Lichtenstein:

A visitor looks at a display by U.S. artist Roy Lichtenstein during the "Roy Lichtenstein: from beginning to end" exhibition. (Susana Vera / Reuters)
A woman walks past Roy Lichtenstein's 'Frolic' at Christie's Auction House in New York. (Brendan McDermid / Reuters)

Of course, this is a satellite image, taken thousands of miles away from not only Lichtenstein’s works, but his planet. From Anthony Quigley’s caption (which appears to be from the Wikipedia page for Ha’il):

Ha’il (Arabic: حائل Ḥā'il), also spelled Hail, Ha'yel, or Hayil, is a city in north-western Saudi Arabia. It has a population of about 500k. Ha'il City is largely agricultural, with significant grain, date, and fruit production. A large percentage of the kingdom's wheat production comes from Ha'il Province, where the area to the northeast, 60 to 100 km away, consists of irrigated gardens. Historically Ha'il derived its wealth from being on the camel caravanroute of the Hajj. It is also the homeland of the Al Rashid family, historical rivals to the Al-Sauds.

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