Labeled as a Pedophile Simply for Being Gay

A reader, Seldon, just came across our series from a few months ago featuring readers sharing their experiences of being gay or lesbian at a religious institution of learning. Seldon tells a disturbing story of being outed as a gay man in the late ‘80s at a Christian liberal arts college in Wilmore, Kentucky:

Greetings from Dallas, Texas! It has been nearly 29 years since this native Kentuckian was a student at Asbury College. Although I spent most of my first year there trying to fit in and going through the motions of trying to be straight (casually dating young women, etc.), I had known deep down inside since puberty that I was attracted to other males.

After meeting some fellow students who were gay or gay friendly, I began to accept my orientation as a gift from God and to love myself as one of God’s children. I poured myself into my Elementary Education studies, achieved a high GPA, and made some wonderful friends.

At the end of my senior year, however, I was outed by my roommate’s girlfriend. (She later told me that my being gay wasn’t a problem now, but “since all gay men grow up to become sexually attracted to kids,” she had to do something!)