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April Is the Foolest Month: 2016 Edition
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A handful of our favorite April Fool’s hoaxes. Last year’s are here.

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In Search of the Purr-fect Prank

National Geographic offers an early contender for most awww-worthy prank for the day:

Oops. If posting nude animal pictures is a sin, I’m guilty.

On their website, National Geographic fesses up to the prank, offering a slideshow of “real, quirky snapshots of well-dressed cats and dogs, created by photographer Harry Whittier Frees in the early 1900s.” Behold, tiny kittens in clothes:

National Geographic / Library of Congress

Well played.

If this tool didn’t exist, Slavoj Žižek would have had to invent it.

Clone Zone was built by a pair of artists and opened to the public last April, after the artists’ TechCrunch spoof site won them some Facebook love. The tool aims to democratize the art of spoof-making, letting users create fake spins on popular sites with as little time and effort as it takes to craft a tweet.

Because it was out of beta weeks after April Fool’s Day 2015, Clone Zone wasn’t ready for the public to test its true Internet-trolling potential last year. This year it is live, but is the Internet ready?