'This Is Pretty Ugly, and It's Gonna Be the Norm'

That’s Chris Matthews during his narration of the long taping of last Friday’s violent scene at the cancelled Trump event in Chicago. “Look at this,” he says, “judge for yourself”:

A reader, Brendan Reid, addresses the part of our discussion about brainstorming the most effective ways to protest Trump, such as silent sit-ins or video campaigns that use Trump’s own words against him. Brendan has a creative suggestion:

Like all decent people, I’ve been scratching my head on how we stop the rise of Drumpf. Then I remembered this article from last year about how this nice little German town couldn’t get a bunch of goose-stepping neo-Nazis to stop holding their annual march in the town’s main street. The more the residents protested, the more wingnuts would come, planning their family vacations around the annual show of strength and the titillation of potential violence. Sound familiar?

So the protestors came up with a brilliant solution, a way to use the hate against the haters.