The Misery of Miscarriage

Several readers tell their story:

I miscarried many years ago at age 25. I wasn’t even aware I was pregnant, but I instantly understood something was very, very wrong. Fortunately, the physical pain subsided quickly, but the emotional distress took much longer to fade, especially in the absence of an explanation. Pregnancy loss is fairly common but no less devastating because of its frequency.

Another reader uses that same word:

I lost two babies en route to my daughter and it was emotionally devastating. It was hard to talk about, and the fertility clinic was totally inured to it. Even my mother was just like “try again, at least you know you can get pregnant,” which was true in hindsight.

A reader in Brooklyn felt her doctor was far too inured:

I had seven miscarriages in two years (during which time 9/11 happened and my mother died). Suffice to say I was a basket case.