"My Pain, In and of Itself, Had Never Been Valid'

A reader, Abby Norman, revives one of the most popular discussion threads in Notes thus far—on female medical pain:

I’m so thankful for your reader series, sparked by Joe Fassler’s piece, which was sent to me by my agent. I’m currently under contract with Nation Books writing about my experience with this exact phenomenon: the normalization of female pain in our culture that leads to these harrowing stories of mis—or missed—diagnosis. I’ve written about it frequently, specifically as it pertains to endometriosis. I also run a Medium publication called Ask Me About My Uterus, where I interview women about their menstrual history and curate essays (I wish some of your contributors to this series would contribute—those stories made me tear up with recognition and overflowing with empathy.)

Womanhood is a culture held together through our physical pain, yet the medical profession and society as a whole still refuses to acknowledge it.