Does Not Having Empathy Make You a Psychopath?

In a previous note, readers debated whether empathy was a necessary trait for political leaders. But how necessary is empathy to get through everyday life? One reader believes it’s essential:

Empathy is what allows us to navigate day by day. A human without empathy is a sociopath or a robot. The way empathy is discussed in the video is so flawed by mixing it with altruism, which is very different than empathy but is more closely aligned to the charity model discussed. And do not kid yourself: Altruism is a “what’s in it for me,” while empathy drives connections towards others.

Readers previously debated empathy versus altruism. But is the above reader right? Does not having empathy really make you a sociopath? To get at an answer, a reader flags a Psychology Today piece that details the difference between sociopathy and psychopathy: