What We're Following This Evening

U.K. reaches EU membership deal: British Prime Minister David Cameron announced a concessions agreement with 27 other European leaders on Friday, setting the stage for a national referendum in Britain on European Union membership this summer.

Cameron is expected to fulfill his campaign promise to call a referendum in June, where he will try to convince the British public to accept the concessions deal instead of exiting the supranational organization.

Justice Department strikes back at Apple: Federal prosecutors filed a motion asking the court to force the tech giant to comply with its order to help the FBI unlock an iPhone belonging to one of the San Bernardino attackers. CEO Tim Cook described the order as “chilling” in a letter to customers on Wednesday and said it would fight the demand in court.

U.S. Supreme Court honors Scalia: The justice’s body lay in repose in the Court’s Great Hall on Friday as a long line of mourners, including President Obama and the other justices, paid tribute to the long-time conservative jurist. His funeral and burial is scheduled for Saturday.

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