What We're Following This Morning

Donnybrook in Des Moines: The Republican candidates—well, most of them—debated Thursday night in Iowa. With Trump absent, Yoni writes, the others found themselves readjusting their tone and approach. Rubio was strong as usual, but so were Bush and Paul. Meanwhile, across town, Trump held is own rally—the epitome of what he’s become, which is counterprogramming to the GOP, Molly reports.

The last moments of LaVoy Finicum: The FBI released video that shows the traffic stop that ended with the Oregon occupier dead. It shows Finicum’s truck fleeing police, trying to ram past a barrier, and then reaching for a pocket before being shot. Only four protestors remain at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge.

Zika vs. the Olympics: The latest stage of fear about Zika, the virus spreading in Central and South America that’s linked to microcephaly in babies: Should this summer’s Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro go on? Experts worry it could provide a path for the disease to spread far wider, including to the U.S.

Paul Kantner, RIP: The co-founder and leader of Jefferson Airplane, the great San Francisco psychedelia band, has died. Kantner, 74, was a singer and guitarist who wrote some of the band’s best-known songs.