What We're Following This Morning

Trump vs Cruz: The Republican front-runner maintained that the U.S. senator from Texas may not be a “native-born citizen,” and thus ineligible for the presidency. Ted Cruz, of course, disputed that. But, as Yoni reports, Donald Trump’s finest moment during last night’s GOP presidential debate—and indeed in the entire campaign season—was his stirring defense of New York against Cruz’s criticism of the city’s values.

A new Ebola death in West Africa: The case in Sierra Leone came on the same day the WHO declared the region free of the virus—though it did warn “more flare-ups” are expected. Update: More here

Jakarta attackers identified: Police in Indonesia say they have identified four of the five militants who carried out yesterday’s deadly attack in the capital. Two were militants who previously convicted. The attack, claimed by ISIS, killed seven people, including all five militants.

Al Shabab makes gains in Somalia: The Islamist militant group has seized an African Union military base in el-Adde, Somalia. The group, linked to al-Qaeda, said it had killed 61 Kenyan soldiers there.