What We're Following This Morning

Chinese markets stabilize: The government suspended the circuit-breaker mechanism, which kicked in when stocks dropped precipitously. That move had meant to lessen volatility, but instead served to spook markets around the world. Chinese stocks closed up 2 percent today. Markets in Europe were higher, as well. In the U.S., markets were awaiting the monthly jobs numbers. Update: More here

A vow on gun control: President Obama, in a town hall-style meeting last night, said he won’t support a presidential candidate who does not support what he called “common-sense gun reform.” As Matt reported last night: “Thursday’s town hall at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia, came two days after the president signed an executive order to strengthen background-check processes for firearm purchases.”

Tensions on the Korean Peninsula: South Korea resumed propaganda broadcasts aimed at the North—a step Pyongyang regards as an act of war. The move comes two days after North Korea said it had tested a hydrogen bomb. The veracity of that claim has not been independently confirmed.