What We're Following This Afternoon

Zika fears continue to grow: The World Health Organization warns that the virus is “spreading explosively.” As many as 4 million people in the Americas could be exposed over the coming year, the WHO says. The mosquito-born virus has been connected to microcephaly in newborn babies. Julie and Tajha have more about it.

Affluenza reaches the U.S.: Ethan Couch, the American teen who killed four people while driving drunk but was sentenced only to probation because of “affluenza,” has been deported to the United States. Couch and his mother had fled to Mexico in violation of his probation. She had already been extradited.

Massacre in Virginia: Six people are dead in Chesapeake in a murder-suicide, police say. Officers negotiated for several hours with an armed man before entering to find him and the others slain. The victims were reportedly all family members.

Buddy Cianci, RIP: The former mayor of Providence, Rhode Island, is dead. Cianci, a larger-than-life character whose corruption was nearly comical—he was elected to two stints as mayor and tried for a third in 2014, despite several criminal convictions—was 74.

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