The Other Award Nominations Today ...

They’re much closer to home than the Oscars:

Update: In a staff-wide email just now, Bob and James wrote in part:

Jeff spent months reporting out his piece, ranging from Sweden to Moldova, from the halls of the Jewish Museum of Belgium—where he found himself to be the only visitor—to the offices of Marine Le Pen.  The story he brought back, an account of the human toll of the revival of anti-Semitic tropes across Europe, is intricate and haunting. “We are witnessing today the denouement of an unusual epoch in European life,” he wrote, “the age of the post-Holocaust Jewish dispensation.” We want to congratulate Jeff, as well as Scott Stossel, who edited the piece, and the rest of the magazine team.

Addressing the “Magazine of the Year” nod:

The Atlantic has now been a finalist four times [in the past seven years since the category was created]. That is an extraordinary testament to your ambition and hard work, to the culture you help create every day, and to the power of the idea of this very unusual magazine.