Local Pilot Makes Good: Congrats Ken Griffey Jr.!

Ken Griffey Jr. and I have a lot in common. For one, we are both living American males. And then there’s, umm — oh, I remember! We’re both pilots of Cirrus aircraft.

Here is KG Jr posing in front of the forthcoming single-engine Cirrus jet (he, in another similarity to me, now flies the propeller model) at the factory in Duluth, Mn.

Cirrus Aircraft

Now, if you wanted to start drawing distinctions between the two of us, you could look to Griffey’s two decades in the major leagues, or his 630 home runs, or his 13 appearances in All-Star games. Or you might think of his election today to the Baseball Hall of Fame, with the highest percentage Yes vote in history.

Congratulations, Junior! Free drinks at the next fly-in.


Here is Griffey talking about flying, in a video for Cirrus. It’s obviously a promotional corporate production, but I found it interesting to hear Griffey talk about his own father’s love of flying, and why he in his turn has found it so satisfying a pursuit. You’ll also see some shots of the famous Cirrus parachute in action, and why greater Duluth is lovely from the air.

Again congrats!