Keeping Track of the Kardashians

A staffer who asked to remain nameless drew the above diagram to help the rest of us contextualize the mayhem that just unfolded on Twitter between Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa. West had highjacked social media users’ afternoons by publicly complimenting Khalifa’s pants, dissing Khalifa’s music, and saying that he owned Khalifa’s child; as is the case for so many great American stories, to understand this all, it helps to understand the Kardashian family and their friends.

West has since deleted a lot of the tweets, but much of the original exchange is here. The inciting incident: West had announced he was retitling his forthcoming album to be Waves; Khalifa thought this was appropriating the rap style/slang “wavy” and complained about it; separately Khalifa tweeted “hit this kk,” which refers to weed but West apparently thought referred to Kim Kardashian. So West went nuclear. The underlying tension: Khalifa has a child with Amber Rose, who West once dated and who West has since said nasty things about in the press.

What does it all mean? Music journalist Caryn Ganz beat us to all the think piece ideas:

Update: As many of our readers have pointed out, Khalifa and Rose actually were married and are currently separated. Apologies, but we’re not redrawing that diagram.