The Spirit of Free Speech

Students at Brown confronted the President. If you skip to the end I made her acknowledge that the work these students are doing is uncompensated labor. At first, she refused to even acknowledge that.

Posted by Martez Files on Thursday, December 3, 2015

Some strong and reasonable pushback from a young reader, Keiko Tsuboi:

It seems a majority of your emailers are very critical of the recent student movement. I am a current sophomore studying at the George Washington University. As one of these students supportive of the movement, I thought I could offer some perspective. One of your readers lamented:

The First Amendment, at its core, is a protection for unpopular ideas. The corollary to that is that one should never assume that someday your ideas won’t be the ones that are unpopular. Censorship is a dangerous game in a world where power and influence are ever-changing, and lasting change isn’t enforced—it’s persuaded, thoughtfully legislated when necessary, and a function of time. Forcing someone to be a “better person” by any standard doesn’t make them better. It just makes you an oppressor in your own right.

No one is arguing for the dismantling of the First Amendment. What I see is some readers reducing the valid criticisms lodged by student of colors to this tired narrative of pampered college students, safe spaces, and coddled minds. Worse, they view it as larger crusade against the First Amendment, or that students are violating the nobler artifices of higher educational institutions that the previous generations so valiantly protected.

What a grave persecution complex.