When Husbands Take the Lead With Kids

Josh Levs wrote a thought-provoking piece for us last week insisting that “‘primary’ caregiver benefits sound gender-neutral but aren’t,” making the case that companies should drop the “primary caregiver” distinction because it’s based on traditional stereotypes that presume one parent—the mother by default—is mostly responsible for parenting. A reader responds:

What the author calls stereotype, I call a Bayesian prior. Without Bayesian priors, nothing really works. The idea that a woman is more likely to be primary caregiver than the man:

1) Isn’t always true
2) Is true enough for a company to use that as a prior.

Welcome to Life, where everything isn’t all equally likely for our convenience.

Another reader is on the same page:

Some people still don’t understand that free enterprise businesses in a capitalist economy aren’t charity organizations; they are in competition with one another.