What We're Following This Morning

A marathon session: Hillary Clinton’s testimony before the House select committee on Benghazi ended last night after 11 hours. After Trey Gowdy, the committee’s chair, adjourned the hearing, reporters asked him what had been learned during the session. His reply: “I don’t know that she testified much differently today than when she previously testified.”

Ryan’s in: As Priscilla reported last night, Congressman Paul Ryan announced he’s officially entering the race to be the next speaker of the House. He would succeed John Boehner, who stunned the political establishment when he announced last month that he was stepping down.

Presidential race news?

Update: More here

A bus crash in France: At least 42 people are dead when the bus in which they were traveling collided with a truck in southwestern France. Most of those dead were members of a senior-citizens association in Petit-Palais-et-Cornemps.

A ‘potentially catastrophic’ storm:

The Weather Channel calls it “the strongest hurricane ever recorded,” and it’s expected to make landfall in Mexico today. We’ll keep you updated. Update: More here