What We're Following This Morning

A stunning victory: As Matt reported last night, Justin Trudeau and his Liberal Party swept into power in Canada for the first time in nine years, ousting Stephen Harper’s Conservative government in a dramatic upset. The centrist Liberals won 184 of the 338 seats in the next House of Commons, a bigger-than-expected rout of its rivals, including the left-leaning New Democratic Party, which finished third.

Respite for refugees and migrants: Slovenia opened its borders to most of the 5,000 people stranded along its border with Croatia. As Marina pointed out yesterday, the country had said it would only allow in 2,500 each day. It also opened its border with Serbia, where thousands more refugees and migrants from the Middle East and elsewhere are trying to reach Europe. Update: More here

House arrest for Oscar Pistorius: The olympian will spend the rest of his five-year prison term at his uncle’s home in Pretoria. Pistorius was jailed last year for killing his girlfriend in 2013. He claimed he thought she was an intruder.  

An independent run: Jim Webb, the former Democratic senator from Virginia, is expected to announce today he’s running as an independent for president. Webb, a former Navy secretary in the Reagan administration, had complained of not getting enough speaking time at last week’s Democratic presidential debate.  As James Fallows notes, Webb “whom I’ve considered a friend since the late 1970s, is about the most independent-minded person I’ve ever met. That is part of what makes his writing so distinctive and sharp. Thus it seems natural, almost fated, rather than disorienting or disturbing that he would be contemplate an independent run for president… ”

Some answers: The trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens is out:

As to what all that means, Spencer points out: “[T]his trailer is a heartening indication that even as the rebooted Disney franchise obsesses over nostalgia, it will still serve up elements that feel new and thrilling. For now, as has always been the case with the best Star Wars products, the mystery is the magic.”