What We're Following This Afternoon

Syria-bound troops: President Obama has reportedly authorized the deployment of about 50 Special Operations Forces to coordinate with local groups fighting the Islamic State. An announcement is expected later today.

An initial take from my colleague Steve:

Freed prisoner arrives in U.K.: Shaker Aamer, who was freed earlier today from U.S. detention in Guatanamo Bay, has returned to the U.K., where he is a resident. British officials said there were no plans to detain him. Aamer, who spent 13 years in captivity, was never charged.

Migrants drown: At least 31 people—many of them children—are dead after their boats capsized in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Greece. Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras criticized the European response the crisis: “I feel ashamed of Europe’s inability to effectively address this human drama, and of the level of debate ... where everyone tries to shift responsibility to someone else,” he said. Some heartbreaking photos have surfaced, including this one by Reuters’s Giorgos Moutafis: