What We're Following This Afternoon

Dozens dead in Afghan quake: The death toll in the magnitude-7.5 earthquake is at least 150. Most of those dead are in neighboring Pakistan. The quake was felt across Central Asia and as far away as parts of India.

The migrant crisis hits Slovenia: Over the past ten days, about 76,000 migrants have entered the small European country (pop. two million). Here’s a striking view captured Sunday by the AP’s Darko Bandic:

Update: More here

Add this to the list of things linked to cancer: The World Health Organization says in a new report that eating red meat such as beef and processed meat such as hot dogs can raise the risk of colon cancer. The findings are likely to be controversial, and the meat industry has already dismissed them. Update: More here

Furling Mississippi’s flag: Ole Miss has stopped flying the state’s flag on its Oxford campus because it bears the Confederate battle emblem. The move follows a vote by student government last week, which Tyler noted.

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