What We're Following This Afternoon

An about-face: President Obama announced Thursday that U.S. troops will remain in Afghanistan past 2016. It’s a reversal of the president’s previous position that all U.S. troops will withdraw from the country by the end of next year.

A guilty plea: Former House Speaker Denis Hastert will, as Russell reports, walk into a federal courtroom in Chicago on October 28 and plead guilty to a felony. Hastert, 73, was charged in May with violating banking law and lying to the FBI about withdrawals of more than $1 million that prosecutors said he paid as “hush money” to a man who was blackmailing him.

A decision on Oscar Pistorius: A South African parole board has said the olympian who was jailed for killing his girlfriend will be freed from prison next Tuesday and spend the rest of his five-year prison term under house arrest. Pistorius was found guilty of manslaughter in 2014.

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