Well Done, Political Twitter

Paul Ryan really, really doesn’t want to be House speaker. But—but—just in case John Boehner, et al, manage to convince him to take the job, you can learn the news here, at @IsPaulSpeaker.

The new Twitter account combines two beautiful worlds—congressional disarray and reaction GIFs—to keep the Internet up to date on the speaker race, which fell apart last week when Kevin McCarthy, Boehner’s heir apparent, dropped out unexpectedly. Since then, Ryan has basically become the House GOP’s One Ring, and some conservatives are convinced he can corral the party’s deeply divided wings.

Here’s the latest tweet, which is also my favorite:

Texas Representative Bill Flores said Monday he would run for the speakership if Paul doesn’t, joining a growing list of lawmakers considering a bid. The House is expected to vote to elect a speaker on October 29.