Track of the Day: 'Shark Fin Blues'

A reader offers a “song about depression and death” by the Drones. Who are The Drones?

They’re an Australian band that rose to prominence in their country when in 2005 their album, Wait Long by the River and the Bodies of Your Enemies Will Float By, won the inaugural Australian Music Prize. The band consists of vocalist/guitarist Gareth Liddiard, bassist Fiona Kitschin, lead guitarist Dan Luscombe, keyboardist Steve Hesketh and drummer Christian Strybosch. … In a poll of contemporary Australian songwriters in 2009, organised by national youth broadcaster Triple J, "Shark Fin Blues" was voted as the greatest Australian song.

The reader adds, “Gareth’s brutal and distinctive voice still somehow conveys a melancholy familiar to most.” Drop me an email if you have your own track to recommend.