Track of the Day: 'Making Water'

In a review of the newly released Martian soundtrack, Megan writes:

… The Martian is [not] solely soundtracked by [disco songs from artists like] Donna Summers. [Ridley] Scott’s film, in the grand tradition of the Epic Space Movie, does have an orchestral score—one that aims to evoke, The Martian’s composer, the Hans Zimmer protégé Harry Gregson Williams has said, Mars’s menace and hostility and loneliness. That score makes excellent use of tense strings and sharp winds to put its viewers in the mind, and body, of Mark Watney. (Take a particularly powerful moment when the stranded astronaut is performing surgery on himself: The music rises to a terse, sharp crescendo in accordance with his pain.)

“Making Water,” seen above, is the most popular of the scored tracks on YouTube right now. Have a track to recommend for the daily feature? Drop me an email. And be sure to catch Chris Orr’s review of The Martian.