Track of the Day: 'Heigh Ho' (cover)

A reader points to “the scariest Disney song ever”:

That would be “Heigh Ho,” that cheerful “let’s go to work” ditty as preformed by Tom Waits. It’s pretty much guaranteed to give kids nightmares. Here it is combined with footage from Snow White. [That version unembeddable, so a crappier version is embedded above.] The dwarves seem a lot more sinister working with Waits in the background. His version of the song comes from the album Stay Awake, in which everyone from Ringo Starr to Sun Ra take on Disney.

Have a track to recommend? Drop me an email. Update from a reader:

The “Heigh Ho” cover reminded me of a much cheerier version by the Dave Brubeck Quartet that I’ve grown fond of. It’s from Dave Digs Disney, a delightful album of Disney covers from 1957. My personal favorite from that album is their take on “When You Wish Upon a Star,” which relaxes me faster than any other song I can think of. More great Brubeck covers can be found in Anything Goes!, which is full of Cole Porter songs—notably “Night and Day” and “I Get a Kick Out Of You.”