Track of the Day: 'Hello'

She’s back.

It’s the first new music in three years from Adele, taken from her upcoming album, 25. And it’s well, Adele-ish, opening with mournful piano chords and fragments of a phone call to a long-lost lover.

It’s me
I was wondering if after all these years you’d like to meet.

Adele’s last track was the James Bond theme “Skyfall” in 2012; her awards-sweeping second album, 21, came out the year before, and has since become the biggest-selling record of the 21st century in her native Britain. After taking such an extended hiatus from making new music, anticipation for 25 has been predictably high. Will it feature more than languorous, plaintive, sepia-toned, emotional outpourings for a former paramour? Probably not, judging by “Hello.” Will it matter? Not a bit.