Track of the Day: 'A Determinism of Morality'

A reader writes:

I’ve been following the Track of the Day feature since its inception and was quite pleased to see Alan feature Pelican a couple weeks back. I meant to shoot off a couple recommendations then, but I was distracted by my two year old and then promptly forgot about it. Dad brain strikes again ...

Anyway, I’m sure you’ve been inundated with suggestions of Red Sparowes, Russian Circles, If These Trees Could Talk, God is an Astronaut, and others in that genre, by various forms of Hipster and grimy middle-aged metalheads like myself. My own suggestion is more in the vein of Cult of Luna and Isis (the band, not the Muslim militants)—namely, sludge metal with lengthy instrumental sections, but not entirely without vocals, as Pelican and its ilk. The song is the title track and closer from the album A Determinism of Morality by Rosetta. They’ve released a few albums since this one, but for my money this is their best work, and it’s been in heavy rotation on my playlists for years now.

The entire album is well worth a listen and can be streamed on Youtube and Spotify. Thanks for this feature, I look forward to it every day.

I just put together a running archive page for the feature if you want to browse previous picks. (The older, pre-Notes archive for Track of the Day is here.) If you have your own recommendation, drop me an email.